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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

Release :
Runtime :
102 min.
Genre :
Crime, Thriller
Production :
Miramax Films, Troublemaker Studios, AR Films, Aldamisa Entertainment, Demarest Films, Solipsist Film, Residaco
Cast :
Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, Eva Green, Powers Boothe, Dennis Haysbert, Ray Liotta, Christopher Meloni, Jeremy Piven, Christopher Lloyd, Jaime King, Juno Temple, Stacy Keach, Marton Csokas, Jude Ciccolella, Jamie Chung, Lady Gaga, Alexa PenaVega, Julia Garner, Billy Blair, Patricia Vonne, Bart Fletcher, Alejandro Rose-Garcia, Samuel Davis, Mike Davis, Kimberly Cox, Alcides Dias, Vincent Fuentes, Rob Franco, Daylon Walton, Eloise DeJoria, Bob Schreck, Lawrence Varnado, Jimmy Gonzales, Tommy Townsend, Robert Lott, Gregory Kelly, Patrick Sane, Greg Ingram, Will Beinbrink, Dimitrius Pulido, John Wirt, Emmy Robbin, Luis Albert Acevedo Jr., Christian Bowman, Johnny Reno, Callie Hernandez
Crew :
Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller, Alexander Rodnyansky, Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Sergei Bespalov, Aaron Kaufman, Robert Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel, Stephen L'Heureux, Mark C. Manuel, Frank Miller, Mary Vernieu, Caylah Eddleblute, Steve Joyner, Bart Brown, Jennifer Long, Nina Proctor, Alex Rouse, Angela Maldone, Joe Rivera, Nikki Taylor, Mike McCutchen, Drew Guajardo, Jeff B. Adams Jr., Ken Gaston-Kilgore, Brad Engleking, Clark Crawford, Paula Fairfield, Angelo Palazzo, Paula Fairfield, Tim Rakoczy, Brad Engleking, Catherine Harper, Gregg Barbanell, Baljot Bhatti, Jelmer Boskma, Doug Campbell, Ed Chapman, Abhishek Chauhan, Arvind Chaurasiya, Jon Cowley, Stefen Fangmeier, Sarah Fricker, Omkar Iyer, Tim McGovern, Dhananjay Parab, Josh Saeta, Anik Seguin, Travis Smith, Joel Thompson, Christopher Sinnott, Darren A. Bell, Zack Mazerolle, Jeffrey J. Dashnaw, Rico Torres, P.K. Munson, Scott Cremeens, Kyle Jefferson, Debra Bruce-Nazarian, Jennifer D. Johnson, Monika Petrillo, Shara Storch
Vote Average:
6.2 Count: 849
Overview :
Some of Sin City's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with a few of its more reviled inhabitants.
Keyword :
detective, dystopia, dominatrix, murder, suspense, twins, based on graphic novel, dark horse comics, neo-noir, 3d

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is a good film, but because its a sequel to such a great film like Sin City it just makes you feel disappointed and rather gutted that it wasn't better than it was. I did like this film it just didn't live up to the first and after waiting 9 years for the sequel I'm hardly surprised. The things I really liked were Marv being as bad ass as ever, Nancy who is showing the after effects of what happened at the end of the first film, the new guy Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who plays a really cool guy who just has all the luck in the world who wins big at a game of poker with the wrong people. Then there's Josh Brolin as Dwight a guy who seems relatively normal to Sin City's crazy inhabitants but seems to have a rather shady past. I loved the way it looked that was all really good as you'd expect. Sadly I didn't feel like I was in the pages of the graphic novel like before ether, I think this is due to the stories not being at all as gripping, as the first film. The stories/segments in this film I just couldn't get on with annoyingly. I did care for the characters but no were near as much as I should of and I did for the first few in Sin City. Acting wise this film didn't disappoint for me, Powers Boothe played Senator Roark fanatically, Mickey Rourke as Marv was one of the biggest highlights for me he was great to see back and so was Nancy (Jessica Alba) who's character for me had really good character growth and to see that in this film was really good. The small part Bruce Willis played as Hartigan was nice as well. What I really loved about the first film was its originality and some of this they kept like the actual style of the film and cinematography but they didn't keep the shocking story lines (11 year old could be raped and the others) which had me hooked for the most part in the first one, the credits after each segment was a little and quite strange thing at first but it made me love it even more as I hadn't seen something like that before Sin City which made it that bit more original and interesting to watch. So to conclude this film was good just didn't live up to the awesomeness of the first.
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" (2014) is a disappointment if you compare it to "Sin City" (2005). The stories aren't as interesting as they were in first part, and thats probably the only reason that this film is weaker. Acting was OK, but i think this picture cost cheaper than the first part, because production values weren't that exciting or big, it's not really impressive movie from visual point. The best part of this picture was Mickey Rourke as Marv all other were just OK, nothing special. The same i can tell about the whole picture, it's OK, but nothing special and kinda quickly forgettable.

Overall, 7/10 for "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" - it's not bad film, it has it's moments, but unfortunately they are far and between, it's OK film for a evening, but it doesn't come as near to the first film, witch was great.
Spoilers Ahead;

First, what absolutely stunning black and white photography if only it was not in the service of the most depressing visual sewage ever committed to celluloid with the exception of the original. Please, people under 40, do not call this film noir. You are hurting yourselves; film noir was moral Hello? Out of the Past, Double Indemnity, Laura these are moral films where evil is punished not glorified. It hurts our ears when you call it noir. Yes, noir is black, dark and brooding but it is also quite MORAL. Not too much eye ripping, kiddy rape, torture and cannibalism in my hundred film collection of film noir. Second, this is MARY POPPINS next to the original Sin City. That classic featured all of the above features that make modern films such a joy to the minority of us with morals and a theological belief system.

The film washes over you like a tsunami of raw sewage. My first impulse, while showering, was that wonderful quote from Napoleon,"Take God out of a country and you get a nation of highwaymen." Marv says this in the first one, how hell is waking up with no meaning or purpose to your life; well, do not look at us Marv, we didn't think we killed God, destroyed the family, ridiculed anyone with morals and laid waste our country, that would be you. Eva Green continues her quest to foist her rather pudgy, misshapen body on us as if that makes up for her lack of acting ability. This is the second movie she destroyed after 300: Rise of Hilarious Misandry. Eva, dear, put your clothes back on please and take some acting lessons.

Have you ever seen misogyny on this level before? What a depiction of women? How many heads does Mi-Ho, the discount version, need to sever before these people get bored. It is long, boring, badly acted cruel and depressing. I thought if the boys on Omaha Beach could see this film they would have got back on the boats, let the Nazis win, who gives a crap? One whole story, the gambler, serves only to make the Senator as evil as Satan. That is the sole purpose of the story. What a waste of our time. Yes, we know from the original he is a major A hole; let's move on OK? It is not film noir; those were moral stories about good winning though with heavy losses and costs. This is depravity; plain and simple it belongs in a cannibal missionary cook in; not in America in 2015. It is so depressing; gee, you think it is why we cannot go out of our houses at night? How much gore and depravity will help these impotent worker worms feel better about their pathetic lives? Keep watching we are not far from the bottom yet.

"Sin City" graphic novelist Frank Miller reunites with his "Sin City" co-director Robert Rodriguez for their long overdue "Sin City" (2005) sequel "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," with attrition accounting for the absence of several original cast members. Dennis Haysbert, known best for his Allstate Insurance commercials, has appropriated Michael Clarke Duncan's role as Manute the Chauffeur, while Brittany Murphy's bar maiden character Shellie has been retired rather than recast. Michael Clarke Duncan and Brittany Murphy respectively died during the interim between the films. Other changes include Jamie Chung filling in for a pregnant Devon Aoki as Miho, and Jeremy Piven substituting for Michael Madsen as John Hartigan's police partner Bob. New characters wallowing in this amoral cesspool of murder and mayhem include Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a nimble-fingered cardsharp who takes Senator Roak to the cleaners twice, and a bald-headed Josh Brolin stepping into Clive Owens's shoes as Dwight McCarthy. Owens couldn't reprise his role because he had other cinematic commitments. Meantime, Bruce Willis reappears as an astral Hartigan along with slinky Jessica Able as Nancy, sultry Rosario Dawson as Gail, and ghastly Powers Boothe as the reptilian Senator Roak. Unfortunately, Willis drifts into and out "Nancy's Last Dance" storyline with little to do in what amounts to a minor role. Since he is an apparition, Willis cannot participate in all the butchery and bloodshed. Comparably, "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" isn't as gratifying as its landmark 2005 predecessor. Despite an abundance of sordid violence, this salacious sequel suffers from being delayed for virtually a decade. Four stories taken from Miller's Sin City comics interconnect in this gritty, hard-boiled, but sadly uneven saga. Two of those tawdry tales: the prequel-oriented "The Long Bad Night" and the sequel-oriented "Nancy's Last Dance" deliver considerably less dramatic impact than "Just Another Saturday Night" and "A Dame to Kill for." "The Long Bad Night" and "Nancy's Last Dance" generate little of the exhilaration or satisfaction as the other two yarns. Nevertheless, moviegoers who relish watching underdogs win and lowlifes die will revel in this agitated orgy of blood, gore, and violence. Similarly, like the original film, "Sin City 2" has been lensed largely in black & white, with most of the carnage depicted either in silhouette or with reversed negative colors; i.e., occasionally blood is rendered as pale white rather than crimson red. Sometimes, the color of a character's hair or their eyes appears in color. Meanwhile, the 3-D version of "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" looks spectacular. Fans of traditional 3-D, where objects fly out at you rather than cross in front of the screen laterally, will savor this version over the flat 2-D version. Miller and Rodriguez indulge themselves occasionally with eye-popping images that encircle characters. At one point, bad boy Marv describes a car chase as we see him in a head & shoulders medium shot while the careening vehicles swerve around him. Miller and Rodriguez go the extra mile so that both medium and long shots are angled in such a way as to suggest greater 3-D dimensionality. Often, they insert falling snow to heighten the 3-D effect. Moreover, they achieve this optical illusion of depth without making your eyes ache.

Ultimately, when Mickey Rourke's Marv isn't smashing his opponents to pieces with fists that he wields like wrecking balls in both "Just Another Saturday Night" and "A Dame to Kill For," this rowdy R-rated ruckus just isn't as exuberant as the original. What Rourke accomplishes with his fists as Marv, seductive Eva Green attains with her breasts bared like an arrogant Amazon princess. Green did the same thing in "300: Rise of an Empire," another Frank Miller adaptation. She manipulates mentally inferior lovesick men with those breasts so that either they kill other people for her the way that Barbara Stanwyck controlled Fred MacMurray in the 1944 classic film noir thriller "Double Indemnity" or they kill themselves in frustration. Apparently, Miller and Rodriguez struggled to compensate for the two frivolous segments "The Long Bad Night" and "Nancy's Last Dance" with pervasive violence that skirts an NC-17 rating. Nobody should take their kids to watch this melodramatic massacre. Name your favorite appendage, and it probably gets sliced, diced, and served up like succulent pork on a skewer. The heavily armed girls of Old Town are back and they don't cut anybody any slack. In one scene, Old Town, sword-wielding Miho spins herself in a circle like a propeller blade and slashes the heads off of four thugs in rapid succession. Marv digs his fingers into an adversary's eye socket and excavates an eyeball. One of the coolest visual effects in the lightweight "The Long Bad Night" segment has a surreal flavor. A ruthless villain slings razor-blade edged poker cards at an opponent and the cards carve him up into four jagged slices.

If you skipped the original "Sin City" or your memories of it are short-lived (as mine were until I saw it again), you may find yourself confused by the interlocking narrative jumble. You may also find it difficult to differentiate the various tales on a coherent timeline. Miller and Rodriguez deploy fewer characters in "Sin City: A Dame to Die For" than they did in "Sin City." For example, nobody like either Josh Hartnett's anonymous hit-man or Elijah Wood's cannibal ninja named Kevin show up for this installment. Nevertheless, Eva Green steals the show with her sexy physique and gimlet-eyed villainy. She gives new meaning to femme fatale. Powers Boothe's corrupt Senator Roak makes a memorable villain that you will love to hate. Perhaps the most confusing moments occur when Josh Brolin emerges from a facial makeover. Clocking in at lean 103 minutes, "Sin City: A Dame to Die For" runs about twenty minutes shorter than its superior predecessor. Despite its sadism and sexuality, "Sin City" qualifies as more of a cinematic misdemeanor than a felony.

Sin City was a film that brought not only a visually nor style crime flick but indeed one of the best non-Marvel/DC comic adaptations in film terms. 9 years after being in 'Development Hell', it gets a sequel to further adapt more story-lines and characters. I will admit at first that it's not better or worse than the first movie but it does bring a strong sense of fun, story telling and more 'Tarantino' styled characters. Before its release in Australia recently, I have read reviews that claim that it's not good, poor and yet some where mixed or open-minded. Being a fan of the first one and the graphic novels, I can admit I was not disappointed.

The story-lines featured this time are the following (in order);

"Just Another Saturday Night" - Marv wakes up in a middle of a car wreck, with no memory how he got there. He retraces his steps that lead him to a violent pursuit

"The Long Bad Night" (Part 1) - Johnny arrives in Sin City, looking to win big at the local gambling club. Playing against Senator Roarke and others, Johnny uses his skills to win but comes a price when he crosses the line of who 'wins' first.

"A Dame To Kill For" - Set years before the events of "The Big Fat Kill" in the first film Dwight is fighting for a life of peace and sobriety, but instead is lead into big trouble with his ex-lover Ava who claims that she wants to be free from her abusive husband.

"The Long Bad Night" (Part 2) - After undergoing the abuse and assault of his winnings, Johnny sets for payback of his own and confronts the demon with a surprising twist.

"Nancy's Last Dance" - Struggling to cope with Hartigan's death after the events of "That Yellow Bastard", Nancy is driven to kill Senator Roarke as revenge but must tackle her demons and Hartigan's ghost (who appears to Nancy's mind) who is trying to convince her not to avenge him.

Firstly, each of the story lines are great in their own way and the perspective of the protagonist to tells the tale is indeed a strong factor that makes both the comics and first film's narratives seem appropriate. The decision to begin the film with Marv's story was cool, as an audience member I thought it was cool that the action immediately kicks of the film and shows that it won't be a shot-for- shot sequel that clones the first film (not to say that personally in a negative way) but I did like how the mixed narrative structure, black and white tone and the beautifully shot comic book styled panels were all back again as it makes the comics alive on screen.

With the characters and development, I can say that it was great and that the casting choices were picked well and they all delivered to their best of their ability. The returning actors and actresses from the first are Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, Jaime King, and Powers Boothe while newcomers to the film include Josh Brolin (replacing for Clive Owen), Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Eva Green, Dennis Haysbert, Ray Liotta, Christopher Lloyd, Jamie Chung, Jeremy Piven, Christopher Meloni and Juno Temple. I did love Brolin and Green in particular, as Brolin made a decent Dwight giving a gruff yet tough performance of the man who fights for peace and justice for his wrongs (though Clive Owen did give a great version previously as well). While Eva Green is no stranger to play as a blood-thirsty bitch (see 300: Rise of an Empire to prove this) but her as Ava was indeed a sight for eyes to witness and does give a bit of eye candy with her body language.

Overall, It's a definite good feeling that the sequel wasn't disappointing at all but it's a bit bad that audiences won't rush to see this because of the 9 year gap it underwent (this caused a bad Box-Office earning for its first week in the US and had people naming it a box office bomb for the year).

But take my word, ignore what others say about it as its a decent sequel that needs to be seen. I just hope maybe it will develop a small cult status for those who appreciated it.
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